Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ferrari F1 for sale. Show me the CARFAX!!

For the ultimate F1 race fan with the ultimate bank account, Ferrari offers you accessibility to "own" and drive one of their race cars under the Corse Clienti program. With prices starting at 1 million on up, Corse Clienti offers you an opportunity to drive cars from four racing categories. Ferrari Challenge, XX Programmes, GT Championships and F1 Clienti. Price includes your own pit crew and vehicle transport to the track. It takes 2 years for a Ferrari F1 to go from regular racing to the Clienti program. If I had the money (Come on lucky numbers!) I would so do this. How about you?

The F1 shown here is from 2001. Driver Anthony Nobles was at Cars and Coffee Irvine talking with the crowd about this car and racing. 

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